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Massage Therapy

Deep Tissue/Nueromuscular Massage

A  deep tissue massage for those with pain and muscular dysfunction.  Can include trigger point therapy as well, if needed.


1/2 hr/$50, 1 hr/$70,  1.5 hr/$115

Relaxation Massage

A full body relaxation massage utilizing light and relaxing pressure with traditional swedish massage techniques.  This pampering and relaxing massage is great for allover general tension release. Great for those who are very sensitive to touch, for children and the elderly as well.


1/2 hr/$50,  1 hr/$70, 1.5 hrs/$115 

Customized Massage

Get what you need with this massage.  Includes hot towel and aromatherapy and your choice of deep, medium or light pressure where you need it most. 

Simply let your Therapist know your preferences.


 30m $50   1 hr $70   1 1/2 hrs $115

Hot Stone Massage

A warming and truly delightful massage utilizing warmed basalt stones throughout your massage.  All the benefits of a Spa massage and more.  Warmed stones are placed on key points of the body while your Therapist uses customized massage strokes with hands as well as stones.   You will feel your tension melting away...


1/2 hr/$55,  1 hr/$75,  1.5 hr/$120

Sage Brush Massage Treatment

This is our Signature Massage which is based on the principles of Native American healing.  Sage & sage essential oil is burned during this treatment.  Your therapist begins with a full dry body brushing to stimulate circulation, aid in lymphatic drainage and the removal of toxins from the body.  This is followed by a full body aromatherapy massage with an emphasis on lymphatic drainage as well as reflexology points in the head, ears, hands and feet.  Good for re-balancing physically & emotionally.


1hr/$85, 1.5hr/$125

Pregnancy/Pre-natal Massage

For the expectant mother at least 12 weeks along. Side lying position provided by our special pregnancy pillow makes receiving massage while pregnant less uncomfortable.  Helps relieve sciatica and tension due to pregnancy.


1/2hr /$50   1hr /$70   1.5hrs /$115

Bali Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage

Aromatherapy massage of the head, neck, shoulders and back using special massage techniques used for reducing tension. Especially enjoyable are the aroma-therapeutic 'Bali Blend' essential oils used throughout this massage.


1/2 hr/$50,  1hr/$70,  1.5 hrs/$115 

Executive's Massage

For busy professionals who need a quick and therapeutic massage easing chronic tension and pain in the scalp, neck, shoulder and arms/upper body area. 

20 minutes $25